The Potters  Barn      Make a Pig!


Have a Play with Clay 
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Take 3/4 of clay and make 2 balls the same size.


Press your thumb into the ball and squeeze the sides so you end up with 2 hollow half balls.


Scratch the edge of the balls and paint a small amount of slip (see slip recipe) over the scratches. This will help the clay stick.


Press the 2 balls together and smooth out the line with your thumb.


Make 4 dumpy legs with some of the extra clay. Mark 4 spots on the ball with scratches and paint slip over. Press the legs into position.


Smooth the joints of the legs into the body.


Roll some clay to make the eyes and nose. Stick them on as you did the legs. Use a pen to dot the nose and eyes.


Next make the ears out of triangles of clay and stick them on. Roll a little pig's tail and stick it to his bottom.


Last of all, mark his toes and give him a happy smile.

SLIP is made by mixing a drop of water and a small amount of clay with an old brush. An old coffee jar lid or yogurt pot is ideal for this. The slip should be like double cream.

TIPS Clay can be kept for a long time if it is sealed in a plastic bag.
If the clay goes hard wrap it 1cm. slices in a damp cloth and place it in a plastic bag.  The clay will become soft again.
When your pig is dry you can paint / varnish it.


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